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Networking and introverts

Now that I am back in the saddle, I am back to attending networking events which as an introvert I always find challenging. And if like me you too suffer from being amongst a large group of people, here are a few tips I find helpful at these events:

  1. First and foremost I go with the intent of making one meaningful connection that I can follow up on.

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Is it time to align your business? Perhaps you started out on a small budget, doing everything yourself to get your business off the ground, but now you're up and running your look and style don't reflect your core values or the person or business you have become. Read more...

1st September 2016 - 1 comment.

Open for business

So where did the last nine months go??! That was fast. I am now back in the studio, new mum, new look, fresh start and here we go. How have you all been?

I may not have been as active outwardly but behind the scenes I have been beavering away at the new look of my business. Read more...

4th January 2016 - No Comments!

The best is yet to come

It is always a good idea to start the year with expectation and positivity. The future is yet to be written, the past is gone and a new year brings new hope.

May this year be your best year yet.

I love fresh starts, new beginnings, a clean slate; they bring so much joy, anticipation and expectation. Read more...

24th December 2015 - 1 comment.

This is not the end

As the year draws to a close and most people prepare for Christmas. I am preparing for the arrival of my first child. A daunting prospect but a happy occasion none the less.

For the last five years I have been building my own business with the intention that it would be flexible, among other things, and work in unison with family life. Read more...

27th November 2015 - No Comments!

The 12 books of 2015

My top 12 recommended books to help you grow and flourish in life, personally and professionally.

Following on from my recent blog about seeking wisdom through coaching, I decided it would be helpful to review the books I have read this year which centre around business and lifestyle. Read more...

3rd November 2015 - No Comments!


How to avoid the pitfalls of rebranding, should you find yourself in the position of needing to do a rebrand.

There is a fine art to rebranding, get it wrong and your consumers will lash out (Gap) get it right and you could be one of the best selling brands from the UK (Burberry). Read more...