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The 12 books of 2015

My top 12 recommended books to help you grow and flourish in life, personally and professionally.

Following on from my recent blog about seeking wisdom through coaching, I decided it would be helpful to review the books I have read this year which centre around business and lifestyle. My aim was to read two books a month, 10 pages a day from each, to learn and grow.

Continual personal and professional development is important to all of us to help us learn, grow and flourish in life. Some of the best ways to do that is to learn from others who have gone before you.

12 books

I loved Arianna Huffintons – Thrive. I love the notion of thriving in life. Rather than striving or seeking fame, success and money, thrive has a positive more meaningful aspiration about it, thrive has momentum to it. Its about carving out a life that is flourishing and sustainable (and can encompass the aforementioned if you so wish).

The Slight Edge, was a life changing book for me. Such a simple idea which I have tried to apply to my life everyday since reading the book. Do something everyday that will move you closer to whatever it is you want. e.g. read 10 pages of a book everyday (you'll finish a 300 page book in a month, and learn something new), put £10 a month away (or a sum of your choice) and at the end of the year (aside from your savings) and you have some extra cash to play with. Everyday do something small yet significant and the results can be amazing.

The go-giver, was a truly thought provoking book, about helping people for the sake of helping them. Just be kind without expecting anything in return.

DO/PURPOSE such a simple book about building brands that have purpose and matter more. I read it in an afternoon! It was that good I couldn't put it down. And is great for anyone who wants to build more than just a business, the book has soul and spirit.

And the rest I cannot recommend more highly enough for helping you to thrive in life.

  1. Lifestyle, business: The Slight Edge
  2. Lifestyle: Thrive by Arianna Huffington
  3. Branding: DO/Purpose/Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more
  4. Business, lifestyle: The go giver
  5. Business: Lean in
  6. Business: #girlboss
  7. Lifestyle: The woman I wanted to be
  8. Business, lifestyle: Think and Grow Rich
  9. Lifestyle: The miracle morning
  10. Business: Copywriting, successful writing for design, advertising and marketing
  11. Leadership: 5 levels of leadership
  12. Leadership: Live Love Lead


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