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This is the season

I’ve been awfully quite on the social media front over the past two years and this is largely because of my baby girl. I’ve come to realise that my business and my career will always be there but my girl she’s growing up fast and I won’t get these years back and so for this short season my focus has been and will continue to be for now - her. Nurturing her and helping her to grow and become all that she can be. These are the foundation years. I spent 7 years building my business and now it’s time to focus on building my daughter, my family. I can and have done both, and it would be a whole lot easier if she was in nursery but she’s not she’s here with me watching me work, when I can, around her (mainly I work when she’s sleeping!) no one said it was going to be easy.


Anyhow I’m unlikely to pick up pace with my social media presence because I’d rather be looking at my daughter than my phone. And who knows what the future holds business wise. There’s always time for work but there is not always time to watch a little one grow.

Thanks for liking my page and following me. It’s an interesting journey.

Enjoy your Christmas. Spend it with the ones you love.

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