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29th July 2014 - No Comments!

Font spot: Bardot

It can be used as a header font and equally as an elegant paragraph font. "Graceful, curvaceous and attention seeking, Bardot offers elegance and charm in abundance." This is definitely a font of choice. And I have enjoyed using it on a recent packaging project. Read more...

15th July 2014 - No Comments!

Font spot: Machiarge

Machiarge is best used as a title font. It wouldn't be so easy to read as body text but makes for a wonder introductions to any magazine spread, especially when paired with Gotham. I have used this for logos and editorial spreads alike and am never disappointed. Read more...

3rd July 2014 - No Comments!

Font spot: Bliss

First let me say that you usually need a license to us a font (or even have it on your computer). There are a selection of free fonts you can download from with the option to 'donate to author'. It is always a good idea to honour the creator. Read more...