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Open for business

So where did the last nine months go??! That was fast. I am now back in the studio, new mum, new look, fresh start and here we go. How have you all been?

I may not have been as active outwardly but behind the scenes I have been beavering away at the new look of my business. After four years I realised I had come so far from the person I was and the business had grown so well that the old way no longer reflected me or the business. I was so lacking in confidence in myself and my ability at the beginning and I think the old logo and style reflected that. I took my maternity leave as an opportunity to bring everything in line. After all isn't that what I'm always telling you! Consistency, alignment and reflecting your values are key to any brand.

The new look now reflects my core values - delightful integrity. I have been building my business on these for a while it just took a little bit of time for the design to line up. It's funny how you can spend so much time helping others to align their business and yet neglect your own. Lesson learnt, tend to your own garden first.

With the new logo I have simplified the porthole so that it is more legible at smaller sizes and having less holes made it bolder. The uppercase typography and the bold font stand for integrity. There is an authenticity in upright clear concise type. I have used Gotham bold. The script font represents delightfulness. I aim to delight my clients through their experience and interaction with me and my designs. The font is Sant Elia.

the design boat logo

The colour palette has moved from just being on the blog entries to represent the whole brand throughout all of the literature on and off line so it is now more streamlined.

And my tone of voice has changed from 'we' to 'I'. Instead of being afraid and hiding behind my business I wanted to be genuine and authentic and not be afraid of saying 'yes this is me and it is just me at the moment'. I am an independent designer. I call on other specialist as and when I need them to make up teams to work on specific projects. But all in all it is just me and I needed and wanted to be more vulnerable with that. After all once you meet me and start working with me, you know it's just me.

To sum up, I'm back, it's just me being genuine and authentic and true to myself and clients. I am open for business to create delightful experiences for you and work with integrity.

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Lesley Chartley
1st September 2016 at 11:16 am

Beautiful logo Rachel – well done! See you soon xx

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