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24th December 2015 - 1 comment.

This is not the end

As the year draws to a close and most people prepare for Christmas. I am preparing for the arrival of my first child. A daunting prospect but a happy occasion none the less.

For the last five years I have been building my own business with the intention that it would be flexible, among other things, and work in unison with family life. Read more...

17th July 2015 - No Comments!

5 summer sizzlers

I hope your brand is red hot after a week of sizzling tips.

The last entry for our '5 summer sizzlers' is tone of voice.

Tone of voice is how you sound when you write, it is the tone with which you communicate through written word. Read more...

6th March 2015 - No Comments!

Redefining success

What does success look like to you? Success is a very personal matter. There is a common belief that it is about money, fame and power. I've been on a bit of a mission to redefine success in my life. Whilst we all would like more money it doesn't necessarily lead to a more fulfilling life. Read more...

2nd March 2015 - No Comments!

The work, life balance

Recently I was asked 'how do you balance life and work?'. This is a question I think a lot of us ask. And I think it is based around the belief that we must do it all – have the career, the partner, the house, the kids, the business, the car, the holidays etc and maintain a healthy life. Read more...

13th February 2015 - 1 comment.

Day 13 of 14 ways to love your client

Be consistent. Being consistent helps to build trust. You build a relationship by consistently over time, every day, every week adding to the relationship. Keep turning up. Consistency creates reliability.

Don't underestimate the power of reliability. In a world where people are consumers and can be fickle, let's cultivate a culture of being consistent. Read more...

9th February 2015 - 1 comment.

Day 9 of 14 ways to love your clients

Today I want to talk to you about excellence. In everything you do, do it with a spirit of excellence. Excellence doesn't mean perfect, but it does mean doing things the best way possible with the highest quality.

Every business makes mistakes, how you resolve the issue will determine whether your client comes back or not. Read more...