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Redefining success

What does success look like to you? Success is a very personal matter. There is a common belief that it is about money, fame and power. I've been on a bit of a mission to redefine success in my life. Whilst we all would like more money it doesn't necessarily lead to a more fulfilling life. Money gives you options but it also comes with responsibility.

Some questions to ask yourself: Why are you trying to be successful? To get recognition? To be significant? To have lots of money? Most would say being successful will bring them happiness and fulfilment. And whilst there is something to be said for accomplishing things, is it a long lasting thing to have? Once you've accomplished it you're then on to the next thing. Money is fleeting – it could all go tomorrow.


Far better to live your life from a constantly fulfilling point of view, such as living by a set of values rather than always trying to reach the next goal. Why not decide to just live your life in the present moment accepting what you have and being grateful. Rather than having a goal to earn £100,000 a year why not live intentionally everyday with integrity and consistency. Be intentional about the person you are becoming rather than how much you can earn or how big you can build your business. Are you adding value to others? Great, the money will follow. Are you solving people problems? Great, the money will follow. Are you running your business and living from a place of integrity? Great, people will want to work with you and buy from you. Not only will you feel good about the way you are choosing to live but you will also be adding to other people's lives and others will admire you for it.


Do things from the perspective of 'what can I give to this person in this situation' rather than from the perspective of 'what can I get out of this', think how can you help people? Fulfilment and significance come from adding value to others and success comes from adding value to yourself. Adding value to others increases your worth – it's a winning situation. Focus on who you are becoming rather than how much you are earning. Because if you are not earning what you think is 'successful', you will feel dissatisfied. Far better to live from a place of values, which are within your control – every day you can live with integrity – and look and see the better life you are building because you are developing a great character which ultimately will sustain you once you get the money, fame and power!

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