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5 summer sizzlers

I hope your brand is red hot after a week of sizzling tips.

The last entry for our '5 summer sizzlers' is tone of voice.

Tone of voice is how you sound when you write, it is the tone with which you communicate through written word. When building your brand it is important to maintain a consistent voice that reflects your brand message. For example your tone could be informative, friendly, blunt, expressive, energetic etc. or a couple of those at once.

Once you have decide on the tone of voice that best suits you, stick to it no mater what you are writing. This is easier if you are the main writer, if you have a few people writing, it is important to write some guidelines to help everyone stay on message.

One company that does this well is O2. They have a consistent tone of voice across all of their touch points which is approachable and fun yet informative.

TONE be more dog

When it comes to blog posts the tone may change depending on the author, but there does need to be and underlying current of similarities in the tone.

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