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Calling all energetic visionaries

I'm on the look out for new projects; are you an energetic, visionary business owner? Are you looking to communicate more effectively with your audience? I have the answer for you...

I empower business owners to confidently communicate with their audience. For those of you who are considering working with me or referring me to a friend here is a post about who I work with, what I give them and why.

Who I work with

The type of person who I work with is energetic and visionary. They believe their product or service can change the world. And by world I mean, their immediate world or the world at large. For example it could be the world of young people or of a local community or on an international level. Whatever the scale they believe they can add value and make life better/easier/healthier etc., for those they are aiming at. A visionary is someone who has a vision for the future and it is better than the current state of things, you may even call them entrepreneurial, coming up with new ways to improve people's lives.

Why I work with them

I love working with this type of person because they have a vision and it's clear, they just need someone to help them build it. They have an appreciation for design and value good design (hence why they employ a professional to take care of their branding). They are motivated, they want to see change and they want to see the impact they could have. Together we make a great team. Because I also want to see them impact their world. I believe every business should be adding value to their audience, the world, the economy and industry. Every business should also be solving a problem (why would someone use your product/service if it isn't solving a problem??)

What I give them

These energetic visionaries need to communicate their message to their intended audience. And that is where I come in, I give them the confidence to do this. I do this by listening and taking time to understand them and their vision. I get to know their audience and what appeals to them. I show my client how their message could look and the best way to present it. I lay the foundation of their brand. Equipping them with the tools to boldly go out into the world and tell people what they do. The tools I give them reflect their vision and appeal to their intended audience. This helps them to attract the right audience giving them a strong foundation to build from. It takes time to build a brand because you are shaping peoples perceptions. You need to be consistent in your message across all areas of your business.

Once successfully equipped all of my clients so far have gone on to see a return on their investment. One client was able to double the amount of programmes she was running due to an overwhelming response to her new look. Other clients felt their new look better reflected them which gave them confidence to approach new clients.

building confidence

The nuts and bolts

I design visual communication specialising in branding and this can take the form of:

  • Branding – logo design, colour palettes, suggested fonts, graphical elements, stationery, photography/imagery style, tone of voice and brand guidelines.
  • Promotional material – website design, banner stands, posters, advertisements and leaflets.
  • Editorial material – magazines and booklets.
  • Art direction – photography.

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