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Getting the help you need

Coaching, none of us get to where we are without help. 'No man is an island entire of himself' - John Donne.

I am on the edge of embarking on my third coaching season this year. I started this year with the wonderful coach - Hazel Addley. Which took me from a position of being totally lost to having the best year my business has had since it started four and half years ago. (Thank you Hazel). Shortly after starting with Hazel to focus specifically on my business, I signed up to do Life with Intention Online (LWIO), run by Jess Lively. And this coaching I used specifically for my personal life, although it crossed over into my business. Due to my business being an extension of me it was inevitable. And from the LWIO coaching I was able to see my personal life go from strength to strength and I am on the way to see one of my dreams realised (being a mum... currently six months pregnant) (thank you Jess).


My encouragement to you as we enter the last few months of this year is – it is never to late to make changes. You can see your life go from strength to strength I encourage you to find a coach - I recommend Jess and Hazel obviously. Jess' next course starts on the 25th September. The year isn't over yet, perhaps it hasn't gone to plan, or it's gone swimmingly well, seeking guidance can only help you go further and see your full potential realised.

If I hadn't reached out to the coaches above I would still be lost and still longing for that which I desired. Jess has taught me how to live from being intentional and focusing on my values rather than the goal or outcome, and Hazel helped me find my way out of the maze to identify the audience and type of work I really wanted and focus in on those area.

I believe the answers are within you but there are those special people who can ask the right questions to help draw out those answers. Don't be afraid to seek out guidance, you will only gain from it.

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