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Valuing your mind, body and soul

I have been following Cassey Ho from Blogilates for a year now. I truly believe that when you are a business owner (or doing anything) your mind, soul and body all need input in order to maintain a healthy life. Cassey is motivational, uplifting, energetic and you get fit with her too! Last year I lost 10kg, but I wasn't just following her for weight loss or fitness, I was following her because she encourages me. She encourages me through her video's, her Instagram she has her own forums where you can ask questions. Whilst you are working out with her she talks about how you can reach your full potential and fulfil your dreams. She has created a wonderful community. I can highly recommend her. Even if you only listen to her and not do the videos you will feel uplifted. Although I would suggest doing the videos!!


But I encourage you to take care of your body. I recently heard this phrase on The Lively Show - 'move with the pleasure of your soul'. It is a wonderful statement and one of the reasons I love doing Pilates, it's not only good for your body but is also good for your soul.

I have recently discovered The Lively Show, hosted by Jess Lively, and I can honestly say it has really helped me see life differently. Instead of setting new goals to achieve every year or month or week. Jess talks about setting values you wish to live by. Whilst we all have a set of values we are living by, how intentional are we about them? For example my intention for my business this year is 'to purposefully carve out an inspiring career with integrity and to impact and delight my clients.' And my values in that statement are 'integrity' and 'delightfulness'. I could have set a goal of 10 new clients or doubling my income, but as Jess says these are 'shiny pennies' and are not long lasting. Much better to focus on the value you are adding or building. Check out her podcast.

The go giver

And lastly I read a great book just a few days ago called the Go-Giver which fits in nicely with what I have been learning from The Lively Show. It is a short book and is very insightful, I don't want to write too much because I want you to read it. It will help define the way you look at your business and your career. And instead of trying to achieve something all the time it's about your values and what you are building and becoming as a person.

I hope these three snippets will motivate you, perk you up - grab that coffee and listen to Jess or read the Go-Giver. Change your approach this year. Follow Cassey and sculpt a new body for you, change one day at a time.

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