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5 summer sizzlers

Its warming up! Make the most of these top tips to help your brand shine.

Graphical elements

In some cases there maybe a graphical element that supports your logo and brand message. The element could be a pattern or a shape that compliments the logo. The pattern or element can become as synonymous as the logo to the brand. Like the Coca-Cola white wave which was added in in 1969. It wasn't part of the logo but has become as synonymous as the logo with their brand image.

GRAPHICS coca cola

The graphic should always be used as a support and never as a replacement for the actual logo. The Rare Tea Company do an awesome job of complimenting their brand with an array of patterns used as supporting graphics.


Ensure you use your graphical element consistently wherever it appears and choose appropriate supporting colours. Don't get carried away and plaster it everywhere. Less is always more.

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