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5 summer sizzlers

Here are 5 top tips over 5 days to keep your brand shining bright. And brighten up your Monday! (Where did the sun go)


It is essential when creating your own brand image that you chose appropriate fonts that reflect your message. Those fonts should compliment each other. Font pairing is an art form and when done right, can help carry your message throughout all of your touch points.


It is best to start with two fonts that will be used as standard. One for headings, pull quotes, sub headings etc and one for the body copy. I would never use more than three fonts on any one item as this can look messy and overcrowded. It makes it hard for the reader to hone in on the information. The only exception is when a magazine is being designed and this would call for different types of fonts to create pace and pull the reader in. However, it is important that the fonts are complimentary and reflect the message you are trying to communicate.

I recommend your first two standard fonts not to be system fonts. It is tempting to use system fonts as they are readily available and free. However you want to look at the message you are trying to communicate and find fonts that reflect that and are unique. Fonts can be purchased at myfonts.com and other similar sites. It is important you buy the license otherwise you are breaking the law.

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Lastly it is always good practice to have a similar back up system font for any cases where your purchased fonts cannot be used. For example you cannot share fonts, each user needs to purchase his own license, so where someone doesn't own the company font they will need to use the back up fonts.

Any material that you are sending out to clients or potential clients should use your standard fonts that you have purchased.

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