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Day 7 of 14 ways to love your clients

Spend time with your clients. Quality time. Take them out to lunch, respond to their questions. Get to know them and build a genuine relationship with them. This also applies to your audience, you can build relationship/connections over social media. Ask them what they think, seek their feedback, find out what they want more of. Spend time in communication with them. There is no better way to add value than spending time, because time is something you can never get back, which makes it precious and valuable.


Spend time over lunch chatting with them, without an agenda. Spend time over Facebook, twitter, Instagram chatting with them, responding to their comments. People love talking about themselves, ask questions, they will value your interest. Be genuine in your responses and your concern. After all, all business is people to people. We have these terms business to business and business to consumer but really it's just people to people. People run businesses and people buy products/services.

Without people you don't have a business. Your brand is made up of people's perceptions, without people you don't have a brand. And if you truly want to reach your audience and impact them, then you need to spend time with them – getting to know them.

When it's your clients, face to face is always best. The internet can only do so much! So this week coming, take time out to spend with your clients over coffee, lunch, brunch... I love brunch, best time of the day! Enjoy your weekend and imagine the possibilities.

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