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Day 5 of 14 ways to love your clients

Today's value - Listen and then listen again.

Most people listen to respond. However a much better way to listen is to understand. Really take time to understand what your audience is saying. Ask questions, acknowledge their comments and listen some more. Make notes whilst they are talking really absorb their issue. The more you understand them the more you can be the solution or at the very least point them to the solution.


And sometimes they are not looking for solutions just an ear to hear their concerns. Through listening we can gain understanding and through understanding we can better meet the needs of those around us especially our audience and clients. And in turn this can build our business. All businesses need to be solving a problem/meeting a need and in order to do that, businesses need to understand the problem/need and to do that, they need to listen and see.

See if you can listen without responding. Listen and ask questions and truly get to grips with what your clients are saying. You'll have a better business for it.

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