Depending on the type of project you require the process may vary slightly. This is an overview of how I work with you.


Initially I meet with you either face to face or over Skype to discuss your business. It's an opportunity for you to talk about what your business is, how it works, where you see it going and who you'd like to attract. We talk about your objectives, your values, your likes and dislikes and most importantly how you'd like me to help you move your business forward. This initial meeting can be anywhere from one hour to as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable that you have shared all that you'd like to, so I can produce the best peice of work for you.


I write up our discussion and put together a brief containing your explanation of your business and what you would like seen achieved. I include cost and timings along with my terms and conditions. This forms the basis of our project journey together. If all meets your need and you are happy to proceed just sign on the dotted line.


This is where I set about piecing together everything you have told me. Looking into your competitors, your market position, your audience (what do they like and dont like, where they shop etc) and I put together a foundation from which to build the concepts.


Building on the research I usually produce three initial concepts for you to review. Each fulfils the brief but from different angles. Design is very much an iterative process and so this is just the beginning once the concept is chosen I set about refining it further.


Once you've chosen the concept that best reflects your values and the brief you have laid down. We may decide to refine it further and push it into other similar areas, tweaking the fonts and colours, ensuring it communicates with your audience and fulfilling your brand values.


A small few tweaks if necessary.


Here I get everything ready, now that you have signed off the final look and feel, I produce all of the logo formats required, work up the brand guidelines which encapsulate the brands style, and prepare any items for print. I send it all to you and you are ready to confidently go into the world and build your business.